16th February 2018

romeo and juliet

two families that are very similar and have the same amount of power,

where this beautiful Verona play, was set,

the blood hands of the citizens of verona makes the hands of the citizens both bloody and uncivilized

they had hated each other for a long time and it has started up ages.

from the forth terrible private parts of these two people

A pair of lovers take their life;

they did not go on many adventures together they overthrew their life for each other

this is a result of romeo and juliet dying bring an end to their parents troubles.

They both died because romeo thought juliet was dead so he died then juliet died because of romeo,

there parents were angry because the died because of each other,

their deaths they caused no one could remove,

it is when there is two hours of traffic in our play;

This is when the people in the audience have patient ears attend the play,

it means what is here shall miss our work should strive against others.

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